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Enhancement suggestion: Button to go back X seconds when playing audio

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I record lots of meetings and conference calls as I often need to send out minutes/notes and my meetings have lots of technical details.  One challenge I run into is when I can't quite catch what someone said and need to replay it.  When using the slider to move back in the audio, it is very difficult to go back a few seconds in the audio.  It would help me tremendously if a button was added to the audio player that would go back a few seconds in the audio.  I am not sure what the right amount of time would be -- probably 5 or 10 seconds. If I need to go back 30 seconds, I could just hit the button multiple times.

I am specifically talking about the iOS version in this case, but I would benefit from this being on the built-in audio player on the windows version also.  In Windows I have more options because I could open it in a different player, but of course this would be an extra step.

I suppose it wouldn't hurt to have one button that moves forward and one that moves backwards.  Perhaps call them "Skip" buttons.


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Hi.  Evernote have a lot of users,  but not all of them - maybe not even a large percentage - use the record function in any depth.  Evernote probably could re-engineer their recording process to include the same controls,  but would the time and effort involved be worth it to them?

What you're describing is a standard feature of other audio apps which you could use to record you meetings outside of Evernote.  Save the resulting file in MP3 format and attach it to your Evernote note of the meeting.  To review the content,  simply open the MP3 file in the original app and play back as necessary. 

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Hi. I appreciate the time and effort that the 'gurus' put into this forum, answering questions and providing a valuable avenue of support.

However I do find responses like this to be distinctly unhelpful to summoning any motivation in suggesting features. A feature request is something to be considered by the software firm in question, who naturally have to determine if the effort is worth it. You could apply what you've written - "would the time and effort be worth it to them?" - to any feature request. All the original user needs is "Until Evernote consider this request, here's a workaround". Not "Do you really think this is worth the effort? Here's a workaround". He/she thinks it's needed, which is why he suggested it. It even shows a limited understanding of the feature request: it's not the "recording process" that would change, it's the playback process, providing a UI adjustment to what is already there.

Again, I appreciate and admire the effort put in by these enthusiasts but it's almost as bad as the old days of the Evernote Evangelists, a few of whom would liberally and regularly mock many who posted with good intentions, and turned me off Evernote completely after a decent period of premium subscription.

The subsequent suggestion of using other audio apps is valid, but the original suggestion is also quite valid: It's something that OneNote does and is really useful. It's another way of controlling the consumption of notes stored in Evernote, a core intention of Evernote elsewhere.

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Every suggestion is valid,  and anyone is free to raise whatever points they like;  but if the positions were reversed,  I know I'd like to hear someone with more knowledge or a different opinion tell me whether it's worth putting a process on hold,  or whether I should now spend more time looking at options that will work for me in the longer term. 

I don't know how experienced the OP is with IT in general,  but many new Evernote users are relative newcomers to IT activities and product development so,  with no intended disrespect to anyone,  I tend to start from first principles. 

Evernote,  of course,  own the ball here - if they see enough love for any proposed new feature,  then maybe it will get written into a future update.  Which is why it's always best (and sorry - I should have said this in my first response) to raise such suggestions in one of the feedback forums where 'up voting' exists.

Windows   https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/224-windows-desktop-product-feedback/

Mac   https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/218-mac-product-feedback/

Web   https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/234-web-beta-product-feedback/


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