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Looking for Evernote plugin for Firefox? (WORKING one, not Evernote Web Clipper.)

Mike the human

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Has anyone found a working Firefox add-on that allows you to save web content to Evernote from Firefox?

I want to save the content AS-IS, so "Clearly" won't work... the one time I tried to use Clearly, it kept "hiding" the specific part of the page I wanted to save! So I don't want something that will change the page layout in accordance with its own whims, I just want to save the page content as-is.

The Web Clipper extension would be perfect, except that it's been broken for years, and  only works a very small percentage of the times that I need it. It keeps removing itself from the toolbar and customization options, and there's nothing to suggest it will ever be fixed... the button disappears from the toolbar, and is no longer available in the "Customize" option that lets you place buttons on the toolbars, making it completely 100% unusable. It's just GONE. The only solution is to uninstall, restart, and reinstall, and I'm getting tired of having to do that every time I want to use it.

So... anyone found something that works to clip web content to Evernote from Firefox, or am I looking at my two most indispensable tools simply never working together?

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Hi.  Clearly is intended to remove 'distractions' from the page,  so it's no surprise you get a very low-fi version of the content.  Web Clipper has worked without a problem for me for years in WIndows 8.1 and (currently) Firefox 450b9 and clipper 6.1

If you're a paying user,  you'll be able to email content to your Evernote account email address using any 'share' features on the page;  if you can print to PDF you could 'print' what you see and crag/ drop the file into an Evernote note.

If you're having real problems with the Clipper,  I'd recommend you contact support who may be able to give you some suggestions more specific to your OS and browser version.

Or you could try the Clipper one more time...

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