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Feature Suggestion: true multi-note preview (or whatever you want to call it)



I have honestly been off and on with Evernote.  I will say the (last yearish) interface improvements are very good and I am using the app more - particularly for scans.  

I was thinking today that one area that I believe could significantly Evernote - especially for power users - would be to actually show (the current preview just shows a small snippet of two notes - when multiple notes are selected) - lets say 2-5 mini 'true' notes in preview when they are selected.   Ideally, these could also be manipulated in certain ways - I am thinking along the lines of allowing simple compare/contrast - expand/collapse one of the previews.  I think this kind of functionality would be unique in the market and very useful when users are wanting to compare several sources of information - but want to see three  or so 'images' on the screen (at the same time).  

Also, another key item I haven't seen mentioned is the batch renaming of notes being built in - versus - say - an apple script such as here.  


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