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(Archived) Dark Background on search



I love this program and have been using it for years, through several iterations, so I'm going to be very embarrassed if there is an easy solution to this.

When searching, the results are displayed in the main note window with the search terms "highlighted" by graying out the whole page, except for the search term. The gray is so dark it is hard to see the search term in context, but I can't find an option for changing the dark gray to yellow or inverse or something like that. I have to click on each page to see if it's the one I want, then repeat the search if it's not.

Example is attached using 'Quicken' as the search term.

Anybody have a fix for this?



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There isn't currently a way to change the search highlight color scheme, although that looks darker than I'd expect. I.e. the text should still be readable.

Thanks for the report.

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Thanks for the quick reply, Dave. The darkness level I suppose could mean I may have a monitor issue, but this is the only program I have this problem with.

So, can we consider this a feature request to have the search terms highlighted (grayed) instead of everything else?

Thanks again.


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I can't think of any search process (text editors, web browsers and word processors come to mind) that change the color of the document and leave the found text white. It's always the other way around.

This is my sole gripe about Evernote, an otherwise wonderful product.

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Funny, after posting the previous post I noticed the nice Evernote pink on pink highlighting in this forum search. That is awesome and a perfect example of how Evernote should do highlighting.

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Not the first time we've heard about something like this in the forums, seem to be rare.

That being said, I vote for a search system similar to Safari's current method…highlight with a POP effect.

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Highlight should be yellow leaving the background to whatever it is naturally. Hopefully this will get changed some day. It's also my ONLY gripe with Evernote.

Hopefully the background is not also yellow. Oopsie!! :)


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I'm not sure if there is a Mac standard for this behavior as I tested several different Mac apps and each seemed to highlight the results somewhat differently.

I do like how Safari displays the results:

  • Sets page background a very light shade of grey, leaving the text still very readable
  • Highlights the first occurrence with a background of yellow
  • Highlights all other occurrences with a background of white.

The current dark grey Evernote is using is clearly too dark, and needs to be changed.

My vote would be to make search highlighting work like Safari.

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