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Can't searching through Evernote with Google


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I have tried to setup through Clipper to search my Evernote with Google using Firefox.

When I search for something I know is in my Evernote the search page comes up with the regular Google results and on the right hand side of the page It shows "Evernote" and under that it says "Web Clipper" and under that it says "Sign into Web Clipper to see results". When I click on that, it goes away.

I guess I'm signed in since I can "clip" pages using the "elephant" in my tool bar.


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Tried both links and the first one says "Not available for FF 6.1 and the second link says "This version is not compatible with your version......"

Tried it with Chrome (which I don't use) and it works great.

And doesn't work wit IE 11. Maybe I have something blocking it.

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