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Emails being cut short.

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when I clip an email and it is synced to my tablet about the last six words on each line are missing, this is the case even when I go to full page view

I can enlarge the page but cannot decrease the size of the page.

Hope someone can help with this.


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Standard fix on mobile clients is to uninstall / reinstall the app.  If the issue continues...

  1. iOS / Android / Windows?  
  2. Where is the email? OS email client / browser? 
  3. How are you 'clipping' it - copy/ paste or browser clipper? 
  4. If you're a Plus/ Premium user have you tried forwarding to your Evernote account email address?

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4 hours ago, tdc4266 said:

when I clip an email

How are you doing the clipping - for example web clipper?
I don't have many clipping tools for my tablet (iPad)

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Thanks for the replies.

Just got in and tried to clip the emails just as I did yesterday and it worked OK.

I don`t know what the issue was previously but I need to keep with the basic version until I know its going to be reliable.

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