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Weird Issue on Kindle Fire

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Hello, I've got a weird situation.  I use evernote in Windows most of the time.  I scanned a document using the document scanner.  It synced fine.  I opened the note in Windows, and later, on my Android tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab).  So far so good.  A week later, I got a 7" Kindle Fire from my wife.  After installing Evernote and syncing, so that all notes were available, I tried to open the note mentioned above.  A different, and totally unrelated note displayed.


I exited the app and tried again with the same result.  Also rebooting the Kindle Fire and tried again with the same result.  All other notes open fine on my Kindle Fire.


The note is still fine in the Windows app and in the web client.  Any ideas how I can open the correct note on the Kindle?  Thanks for any help.

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Hi @steelbender,

Thank you for posting this. I would suggest trying to recreate that note in particular. Copying the contents out of the note and then pasting into a new note and deleting the old one when you finish copying the contents to that new note. If this still happens, please open a support ticket and we can further look into what could be causing this.

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