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(Archived) Imopting Notes From Apple Address Book?




Forgive me if I missed it, but I can't seem to find anything about importing Apple address book vcards or just notes to Evernote.

Is there a work flow, script or something to do this?

Thanks in advance.....

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Easiest Way to Export Address Book Entries Into Evernote:

Highlight the Address Book => Print => Choose the style to print from the Style pop-up menu (I'd suggest LIST). If you don’t see these options, open the disclosure triangle after the printer’s name.

Then, select PDF => Save PDF to Evernote.

You'll end up with a read only, multi-page PDF file with all of your entries.


You can also drop an Address Book Archive into Evernote as a backup but, since that file is a "Package", Evernote will put it inside a ZIP file. Useful for moving an archive between computers or an additional backup, but not-so-much for actually being able to see what's inside.

Hope this helps!

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