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Reading PDFs embedded in Evernote on Kindle Fire 7 5th Generation

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Why can't I read my professional organization's magazine as it was loaded into Evernote using Kindle Fire 7 5th Generation?

I have downloaded a professional organization's magazine to my desktop Evernote program. When it opens in Evernote, it looks like the magazine, I can turn the pages, etc. and it can be read with no problem.

When I open Evernote on my Kindle Fire 7 5th generation, the newsletter/magazine does not look like what I see in the desktop version. Instead there is a box with the name: APGQSep2015Online...Attachment. I tap on the box and I get the message "Permission denied  Kindle Reader was not able to open this document."

I have actually added the magazine to the Kindle reader as a pdf document and I can open it and read it just fine that way.

Any idea why I can't read the professional magazine on the Kindle? Is it Evernote? the Kindle? the subscription magazine?



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Hi.  Your desktop presumably runs Mac or Windows;  the Kindle uses Android.  Your desktop stores notes locally in your account database,  Evernote on the Kindle will download notes from the server as and when they are requested - it's a default setting because mobile devices will often have limited storage and PDF files can take up lots of space.  While your desktop can store them on the hard drive,  you have to opt to make a notebook 'offline searchable' to get the content stored for quick access.

After being downloaded PDF attachments are normally opened by the default PDF reader app used by your device for that purpose.  In case of a Kindle I'd guess you never felt the need to install a specific PDF reader,  but if you can locate one that may cure the problem.

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