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Evernote - "Remember Everything" is alive and well

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Not sure how long it's been back at the fore, but Evernote's tagline, "Remember Everything" is back - and it seems, here to stay. I don't see "The Workspace for your Life's Work" being featured. It did seem to be for quite some time that Evernote was trying to shake the "Remember Everything" catch phrase... Andrew Sinkov even said, "What does Everything mean?"... as if they had overreached and did not want to be there to remember everything. They wanted to aspire to something greater... and thus phrases such as "One Workspace" came into being. I liked the original catch phrase better. Glad it's back.


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I agree. Evernote is more easily caught on by new users as our "second memory" where we can keep all necessities, and that would be impossible were it not for Evernote. I do have to say though that the lack of visibility in media after the change of CEO is really making me think it will end up as Google Glass did. There isn't much to get excited about. As a new CEO for a company that really needs your visibility, it seems he does quite the opposite; - hide behind press releases about winding down pieces of the company and product extensions that apparently isn't core. Meanwhile, there seems to be no proper work on how to monetize this fantastic platform properly. Something I would have presumed would be priority number one. 

Don't mean to sound mean spirited, but I really have fallen in love with this product. Right now it seems to be led by the wrong person. 

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