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Resolution problem on HPx2-210

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Hello everybody, I'm Lorenzo Mondaini from Italy. I got an HPx2-210 (2-in-1 laptop) with Windows10. The resolution of Evernote program on it is not in "high definition" as on my any other laptop. It is slightly blurry and I don't undestand why. What can I do to fix it? (I want to precise that I'm not talking about the Evernote Touch app for Windows - I even got that but it doesn't work very well on 2-in-1 laptop when you don't use the touchscreen.)

I attached a screen of my desktop here below so you can have a look. Thanks.

Lorenzo M




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The following workaround should resolve this issue until this is fixed:

  1. Close Evernote
  2. Right-click on the Evernote icon on your desktop and go to Properties
  3. In Properties go to the Compatibility tab and uncheck "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings"

Please note that this will likely result in other issues such as smaller buttons but it should reduce the blurriness you are experiencing.

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