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the notebook for this saved search has been renamed or removed

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9 minutes ago, Raymond Chiu said:

How do i open a support ticket?  Thanks in advance!

Click on the link "Submit Support Ticket" at the bottom of my message

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20 hours ago, Raymond Chiu said:

Tried a few names (saved search) without luck.  I did rename the notebook but this was a long time ago

I have not seen this issue, so this is just a guess.  You might try:

  1. Rename the NB, making sure you don't have any unintended symbols or spaces
  2. Sync
  3. Log out of Evernote 
  4. Restart your computer
  5. Start Evernote & Log in
  6. Now create a new saved search, & test
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5 hours ago, Raymond Chiu said:

created a new search "Notebook:NewNoteBook -tag:*"

Nothing wrong with the "-tag:*", but you might try saving the search using lowercase "notebook:"

This is just a guess, but that's how the Evernote grammar specifies it.

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