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Sharing and email accounts

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I have a personal Evernote account that I pay for, which uses my personal email address.  I also use Evernote for work notes, and I would like to be able to share some notes with coworkers without giving them my personal email address, as well as receive notifications that they have edited the shared note on my work email instead of my personal email.

Is there a way to have two email addresses on the same account, and choose from which address I wish to share when I start to share a note or notebook?

Evernote Business is not in the cards right now, so any workflow that involves Business is irrelevant.

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Hi.  Short answer,  no.  I believe that if you receive a share invitation on one email address and log into an account based on a different address to deal with it,  the second email address is added to your account.  That doesn't mean you'll get notifications to that address,  but share invitations using it will be recognised as yours.  I realise that doesn't help at all,  but it is the reverse problem to the one you have,  so maybe Evernote can think about fixing it.

Meantime you could set up another (free) account with your work address,  and share a notebook between your private account and your new work account.  When you wish to share to colleagues,  either create that note in your work account or,  when logged in to your private account,  move it from your private notebooks into the notebook shared between your own accounts,  and (when logged into the work account) into a notebook in the work account which you have shared with colleagues.

The shared notebook between you two accounts should make it fairly easy to move notes back and forth as you need to.  With a premium account it's easy to switch between the two accounts with Evernote > File > Switch to...

Rereading that explanation,  I can only say that it's hopefully a lot simpler than I made it sound...

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that's what I was afraid of.

It may make more sense to just use One Note for work, and continue with Evernote for personal, and not cross the streams.

I've not had good experience with sharing to/from when it comes to free accounts in the past.

Does evernote support being logged in under two accounts?

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Hi.  If you have a premium account,  the 'switch' option is in Evernote > File > Switch To.  (You have to Add Another User -i.e. your other account- first...). 

You can't be logged in to two accounts at the same time,  both in the desktop client,  hence the need to share a notebook between the two accounts to move notes around.  You can run two (or more) accounts on the same machine,  and log in to them sequentially.

You can if you wish have both the desktop version and a web browser open on your device and log in to a different account with each - copying and pasting note content between the two should be easy,  but don't try to move an entire note across.

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