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Special Characters not displaying?

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Certain special characters won't display on the Windows client. I'm pretty sure the characters are Unicode, and since you can't change the encoding type on the Windows client, I'm not sure how I'm supposed to fix it. Changing fonts doesn't work either. On the web client, the characters do display. I've tried changing the font on the Windows client to the one used on Chrome (Roboto) and that doesn't fix it. Here are the characters I'm trying to display:




On the Windows client, all but the stars, lightning bolt, and double arrows show a box instead of the characters. As I said before, on Chrome, they display perfectly fine.

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Hi.  Is this the installed Windows client or the web-based client?  What's your Windows version?  - 7/8/10 - and where are you inserting these special characters - notebook name / note title / tag / note body...  and how?  Keyboard key,  ascii code, copy/ paste...?

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