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Extra spaces added when paste text from PDF

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I'm using Evernote for notes while reading a book. Unfortunately I've found an bug today: When I copy-paste the text in Polish language containing Polish characters with accents (like ąćęłńóśżźć) from opened PDF to Evernote, it adds extra spaces around these special chars. For example:

PDF file opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (v15.010.20056.36345) contains text:

"Przyjmujemy założenie, że negatywni hakerzy to osoby dopuszczające się nielegalnych działań"

Press Ctrl+C, switch to Evernote editor, press Ctrl+V and get (please note extra spaces around Polish chars):

"Przyjmujemy za ło ż enie, ż e negatywni hakerzy to osoby dopuszczaj ą ce się nielegalnych dzia ła ń"

Pasting to Notepad++ or WordPad works as expected: no additional spaces appears.

Thank you for help.

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23 minutes ago, gazumped said:

Hi.  If you paste first into Notepad++ and then copy and paste from there,  do the extra spaces appear?

When I paste into Notepad++ there are no extra spaces, then copying & pasting into Evernote and no extra spaces as well.

It looks like a workaround, but definitely someting wrong with the Evernote when paste there directly from PDF. Even paste to Evernote with Ctrl+Shift+V gives these extra spaces.

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Nope - N++ is a text-only environment,  so any codes surrounding your accented characters are stripped out when it displays the content.  Evernote is essentially an HTML display and whatever characters are added in PDF to define accented text are also present in its display,  but since they're control characters they show as blanks.  Evernote doesn't know what's required to display the text correctly and what is superfluous.  You could try the 'simplify formatting' and 'remove formatting' options in Evernote so it behaves more like a plain text editor,  but this isn't a bug,  just an example of differences in formatting between display languages.

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I don't think HTML is an explanation here. Tried to paste into Atom editor, Wordpress editor, even here - pure html environment, everything is fine. I think it is more Windows clipboard related,as PDF has nothing to do with HTML as well - it's kind of encoding problem, probably not handled well in the Evernote. There is no other editor with this problem so far.

As the accented characters are displayed well in Evernote, the possible control codes shouldn't be rendered as whitechars or blanks.

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