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Why Evernote Web bullet system is so bugged?

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Hi.  Evernote Web appears to be one of the unloved children in the product family,  along with the Touch version.  I don't use either because every other product has more features,  more reliability and fewer 'quirks' like these.  If you must use Web it's better for your sanity to use other apps - word processors or outline editors* - to create the content,  and on completion to attach the output files,  or copy/ paste the content,  (or both,  for ease of searching) into your Evernote note.  Evernote are rewriting their editor software,  and -presumably- EN Web will benefit from that,  but EN don't normally share development details or release schedules so your guess if and when that might happen is as valid as mine...

(* Tip:  A few of us use around here Workflowy for outlines - it's a very good web-based app that handles multiple pages / projects and all sorts.)

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I had this same exact problem (and regularly have tons of frustrating issues with bullet points) and had to contact support. I ended up having to copy/paste the entire note into a new note, and was able to delete the bullet from there. This post is from a while ago, but maybe this solution will help for next time.

For the record, the couple of times I've contacted Evernote support about bullet point issues, they've always been baffled. "Must have been a small corruption" was the ultimate diagnosis, but this happens too often to just be a small corruption in each note.

I hope they fix it.

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