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(Archived) EN2.2 Firefox Clipper Keeps Breaking

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I've mentioned this earlier, but the 2.2 and 3b clippers refuse to behave properly 100% of the time. Every now and then, about once per day, I'll got to clip something into 2.2, click on the 2.2 clipper in Firefox, and get the "can't clip" error. True, the 3b program is not open at that time, but I wasn't trying to clip into 3b, I was trying to clip into 2.2.

If I start 3b, and then use the 2.2 clipper, the note goes into 3b.

To fix, I have to close 2.2 and reinstall the 2.2 clipper, then restart firefox. Then I can clip into 2.2, until it breaks again.

It's as if 3b is hijacking the 2.2 clipper or something.

What can I do to keep my 2.2 clipper behaving? Because, I can't tell you how much it irritates me to break my flow in order to fix the problem so that I can get back to clipping, and doing what I was doing. :evil:

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I seem to have found the cycle.

Let's assume that everything's working fine. Then, I clip from FF to EN2.2. Either I get an error (because 3b is not open) or the clip goes to 3b. I notice this and say something unpleasant.

So, I reinstall the clipper. (EN2.2 may or may not need to be restarted; I've had it work both ways.) Reinstalling the 2.2 clipper means restarting FF. Then I try the clip again. Everything's good.

Until I close Firefox.

The next time I open FF, the 2.2 clipper is broken.

I tend to close FF on and off all day. And depending on the work I'm doing, I may or may not be clipping from the web. But I've been able to reproduce the error. As soon as FF closes, the 2.2 clipper transforms mysteriously so that it only clips to 3b.

To be honest, this in itself is enough to make me seriously consider uninstalling the beta. I have no desire to keep reinstalling an extension every time I turn FF on. :evil:

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