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- How I can learn that a colleague made a change to a shared note?
- There is a way that someone tells me Evernote released in a note?
- How I realize who wrote and that was what that person wrote on a shared note?
- Mac I can quickly choose a font color (this helps me differentiate my particular annotate a shared note) but I can not do it on iPhone! or if?
- I can place a font color "by default" not to be choosing it every time you change note?


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Hi.  AFAIK the only way to check for changes is to look for them,  and even then you won't see names or details,  just the updated text.  Evernote doesn't give that much (or any) fine detail on who changed what.  You may be better off looking for another way to share your documents.  The best compromise in Evernote would be to attach a Word (or some othe WP document) file to the note,  which successive collaborators open to edit.  Word/ WP files have some effective change management controls which would allow you to see what changes were made,  and by whom.

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