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Keyboard Shortcut for Note Info

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Por favor

I use this all the time in the Mac client to apply tags and update the dates.

I was surprised to find that Note Info doesn't have a shortcut.  As far as I can tell, there's no way via keyboard to update the dates.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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1 hour ago, righteousdork said:

via keyboard to update the dates.

Are you referring to a keyboard for inserting the date: Its command shift D

Here's a list of note editor shortcuts

2. Note Editor
+Y Quick Look Attachments
+Z Undo
Shift++Z Redo
+X/+C/+V Cut / Copy / Paste
Shift++V Paste Without Formatting
+A Select All
+F Find in Note
+G/Shift++G Find Next / Find Previous
+J Jump to Selection
+: Show Spelling and Grammar
+; Check Spelling
+T Show Fonts
Shift++C Show Colors
Shift++T Insert To-do
Shift++L Insert Table
Shift++H Insert Horizontal Rule
Shift++F Simplify Formatting
Shift++O Toggle Ordered List
Shift++U Toggle Bulleted List
Shift++Tab/Shift+Tab Increase List Level / Decrease List Level
+K Add Hyperlink
Shift++K Remove Hyperlink
+B Make selection bold
+I Make selection italic
+U Make selection underlined
Command+Ctrl+K Make selection strikethrough
+[+]/- Increase / Decrease Text Size
+{ Align Left
+} Align Right
+| Center
+Shift+D Insert Date at Cursor
+Shift+Option+D Insert Time at Cursor


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6 hours ago, righteousdork said:

As far as I can tell, there's no way via keyboard to update the dates.

There is no built-in shortcut for this.  However, you can use CMD-SHIFT-I to open the Note Info panel, and tab to the dates.

If you want to completely automate this, you can use AppleScript.
Here is an AppleScript to set the creation date from a selection, but you could easily modify it to prompt you for the date.
EN Set Note Creation Date from Selection 

I use FastScripts to assign shortcut keys to scripts

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