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Desktop Notes with manually changed creation date not sorted properly in Android app

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Hopefully someone can help me with the following problem:

- I write a note in Evernote Desktop app

- I change the creation date to some day in the past (chatching up on missing entries in my course books)

- While correctly sorted according to this manually set creation date in the desktop app, the Android app sticks to the day of the real creation of the note

- This messes up the entries in my notebooks on Android

Is this a bug? At least I couldn't find a way to avoid this problem...

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Hi.  Are you sure you're changing the correct date?  And syncing the changes back to the server?  I've a few notes 'created' in 2099 to peg them to the top of my date-order sorts,  and they're still firmly there and sorted correctly in both Windows and Android clients.  There are also meeting notes up to the end of 2016 which are appearing in the correct order.  I don't see this issue at all.

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I have to correct myself:

The Android app sorts the notes correctly, but at the beginning of the notes the date of last editing (green) is displayed, which is useless for me.
I need to see the creation date and not the editing date of my notes in the notes list of every notebook, other than in the desktop app this preset can not be changed in the Android app.

So this is not a bug, but a feature request for Android app settings...


Screenshot 2.jpg

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Ah.  I understand and fully agree.  The same problem arises on the web client.  Sorting by created date but prominently displaying the updated date in a note listing is illogical,  unhelpful,  and pretty pointless.  Feature request:  Evernote please change this!!

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