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(Archived) dual monitoring problem with search



hi all,


if i have placed EN on monitor number 2 (right side), and typing some words for the search, the "finding results mask for images" is displayed on the 1st monitor (left side)

you will see on the screenshot, that the greyish mask is on the wrong desktop 8-)



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another thing with dual monitoring,

unfortunately, i cannot make a video, because JING does not capture video over 2 screens.

i try to explain what i did:

-EN main window is open on screen 1.

-finder window is open on screen 2.

-i drag&drop an imagefile from the finder to a local notebook. (so, from screen 2 to screen 1)

-a new note window opens on screen 2 (maybe, because i moved some other note-windows on screen 2 too. but thats ok, i want it that way.)

now, i have an open note window on screen 2 *and* inside the main-window of EN, another version of this note.

now, if i'm updating/changing the note on screen 1, i.e. the name, the tags, *and* move the note to another notebook (all within screen 1, the note on screen 2 is untouched)

all the changings are gone.

hope, you can reproduce this, because on some of my tries, it worked... ;-/

it seems, it depends on how long you work on a note and how fast the note on screen 2 is updated with the updates from screen 1.


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