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Evernote Chat - worst idea ever

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Putting any kind of 'social stuff' into Evernote is a classic textbook example of "scope creep".

Now I'm getting spam in my evernote app.  Great.  Just what I needed, some unwanted notes about ED meds.

Whoever sanctioned the addition of "chat" to Evernote needs a large bucket of ice water dumped on them and then somebody to shout "Wake UP!"

Evernote is an awesome NOTES APP.  Please stop crudding it up with a bunch of nonsense that doesn't belong there.

(and please add an account-wide preference to turn off ALL chat features)

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Seems like someone had the interesting idea of setting up spoof Evernote accounts to be able to spam other users.  Evernote is investigating how this is happening - best advice meantime,  report any occurrences to Evernote via this link so they can get it fixed..

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