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(Archived) how to unselect the "darkened/greyed out" images?



hi all,

when i search for a term and it is found in a note with a bunch of (big) images, then the searchresult is kinda highlighted, and the rest of the image is somewhat greyed out.

first, i think, it is very hard to read the rest of the image, while the searchresult is highlighted, so i'd like to deselect the highlighted search result, to make the image more readable for my old eyes 8-)

but this does not work everytime.

i found out, that clicking on an empty part of the note, where only text is (not images) can help.

this works most of the time, but i have to scroll a lot and then back to the part, the searchresult was, before i clicked on an empty part of the note :-)

not very conveniend. a lot of scrolling and hard to find the right image again, i.e. with 12 images in the note.

i click somewhere on the image, the highlighting will disapear. sometimes. but, strange enough, that does not work everytime.

sometimes, i have to click a dozen of times and then the greyd out image is shown normal again.

so, what is the correct way to make the greyed out overlay of images disapear?

i hope, i could make it clear engough :-) while reading my post again, i don't think so ;-)


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there were some other old posts talking about "how to change the colore of the greyed out note".

unfortunately, none of the ideas are gripped into EN, so it keeps hard to read the document if using the search with matched words.

please make it possible to change the color of the matched searchterms and let the user decide that colour he/she wants for greying out the rest of the document...

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If you hit the little X in the search box, it clears your search. That will remove the greyed out parts that aren't the search term

that will remove everything, the greyed out parts *and* the found search terms. thats not useful :-) if you like to go through the found results...

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