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Can't figure out how meeting note was generated for me by EN


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Hi there, 

Today I was working in Evernote when I received a prompt (from Evernote app) saying something about my next meeting starting soon, & it asked if I wanted to create a new note for it.  I wasn't really thinking so I just clicked OK. It created a new note with a bunch of meeting information autofilled (see attached screenshot). 

The weird thing is, this is the *only* time I've ever seen this happen and I can't replicate it.  None of the other meetings on my calendar generate this prompt and nice template.  The weirder part is that I don't even know what triggered that in the first place.  It would mean Evernote would have to know the events on my calendar, and I checked my app connections and I have nothing connected.  I thought maybe I had another app that was integrating, but I checked the same things in both my personal and work email accounts, my calendar apps, and confirmed I do not have any IFTTT recipes turned on that would do this.  I'm totally stumped!  

I've attached Evernote's logs from the time frame but the specific event happened at 12:37pm.  There's a line here that indicates when the new note was created, but doesn't really provide any insight as to what trigger it.  

2016/02/09 12:37:01:889 I|*   -[ENCommonEditorWebView openNote:] main | #0 | Open note [no guid]/p470 'Go over tickets'

Any insight to this mystery would be appreciated.  Ultimately I'd love to have this capability for all my meetings, which I know is possible with IFTTT, but since I don't have that, how is it happening?? 


Evernote Basic 2016-02-10 12-07-43.png


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