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WebClipper never close after Clipping and ...


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so i use instead of the Clearly the WebClipper.

It is Okay, but some Problems i do not understand:

  • WebClipper never close after the clipping action
    • i must close the opened tab to abort that (right on the top, the Window will never close!)
    • but it clips it to the Evernote Desktop Client - that is no problem
  • after the Clipping, a Evernote Window will suddenly open, what can i do in the Options, that this will not do
    • i want, that the Window will not open, only clipping the Text is, what i want to Evernote Desktop

I hope, someone can help me!

Best regards...

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Hi.  First,  you can still use Clearly - it's not been withdrawn from the market,  it's just that Evernote will no longer support it.  Windows XP users kept their software alive for years after Microsoft wished it dead and gone,  so there's no hurry to abandon it... 

I also have an issue with Clipper - hitting Esc will usually close the 'clipping...' message if it hangs around for too long.  Check your Clipper options - one will be 'After Clip - show successful clip dialogue.'  Make sure that's unticked.

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