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Some sugestions and iquiries i like to learn more about evernote

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Hi dear Evernote team i have purchase a mothly suscription because independent of my references i think give money is support a software. I like to ask you somethings

1 If i import pdf i can edit here it means i dont need a pdf reader or editor because ever note doings the work? i use pdf xchange viwer 2012 editor to complex edition but as i understand i can m ake marks or coments in pdf in the cloud am i wrong?

2.- Is posible import audio file but reproduce in evernote and not open a external repduction i like to reproduce audio files or video files whitout  open a external program

3.- Respect chat feature my mates whith evernote account can be added for me and colaborate in a private chat whith my notes?

5. I suggest you  improve import files when it opens opens windows 32 folder  or one note app install folder . Is posible open another folder like  documents downloads or something like that where not are files who compromise the system please take it seriously a security and risky issue and bad click can trash system i  am bad click syndrome please fix it is riskly



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3 hours ago, aktiff said:

If i import pdf i can edit here it means i dont need a pdf reader or editor

It depends on the platform.  Note - Evernote doesn't actually import-integrate the pdf, it just adds it as an attachment to a note.
You are able to unattached it and use your own editor/viewer.
On Mac and IOS, Evernote has a built in pdf viewer and editor (simple annotations).

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