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(Archived) Launching Evernote docs from Spotlight or Finder



Until this evening I could use finder to search my PDFs. The results would show an Evernote icon next to the file indicating the PDF was in Evernote. I click on the file in Spotlight or Finder and up comes my PDF in the Evernote viewer.

Now when I find and Evernote note in Finder, it brings up Evernote but does not bring up the PDF I clicked on. Instead, it brings up Evernote with the results of the search term I used, and the results reflect the last notebook I happened to have open. Strange. Any ideas?

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I think I have more information on this. I just did a search in Spotlight and came up with 2 Evernote docs with the same name. I clicked on one and nothing happened so I viewed the Spotlight search results in a Finder window. When I clicked on the Evernote doc from there, it gave me a message about 2 files having the same name and then automatically renamed the file. It appears that Evernote is keeping 2 versions of the file in its cache and one of them may not be linked to anything. This was a PDF that was in a note and I renamed the note. Hope that helps.

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