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(Archived) Can't Access Web Notes

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I just opened my web client this morning to see this:


My thumbnails are somehow *missing*. Clicking on a note gives me this error:


I logged out/logged in. I clicked on various notebooks. No joy.

Where are my notes!?! :shock:

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Thank you for posting this issue. We are glad it is resolved, at least for now.

A little more information might help us track down the original cause of the problem:

- How long had you been away from the web client? (From your post it sounds like the answer is "overnight", right?)

- Was your Evernote web account open in a web browser that entire time?

If you experience this particular problem again, please attach an update to this forum thread.


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when i log into web notes using firefox 20012, the top line shows me signed in (says: "signout [my_login_name]") but i get a yellow bar that has the following error text (sometimes i think this varies a bit...)

"Could not complete operation (Get user information): You do not have permission."

i've logged out, then back in, but always get the same result.

what to do?

i am using XP sp2. when i use IE7 all is well -- but i almost always and only use FF.



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