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John B.

Safari Web clipper not updating?

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Normally, my extension would update in Safari automatically; however, I've noticed the old version 6.5.1 is the latest from extensions.apple.com. When I downloaded the web clipper directly from Evernote, it gave me the following error message (see attached).

Can someone from EN tell me what the deal is, and should I install the later version which is giving me this error msg, or continue waiting for the update?


Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 11.18.21 AM.png

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Hi.  That's Safari being responsible and warning you that software installed from a non-Safari source may be suspect.  In this case it's Evernote,  so I think you can risk it - but it's up to you.  Clipper 6.7 for Safari was released in November last year,  so your current version seems a little old...

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