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Jeff Johnson

Password Protect Notes - Possible?

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I enter data in evernote notes about three or four times daily via iphone.  But due to an increased functionality of a computer, I update/revised the notes on my computer weekly.  

I am the only user of my iphone, but have several people using my computer which of course contains the synced evernotes.  As such, I really wish that there was a way to password protect some of my notes, seeing that I jot down thoughts in evernote via iphone daily, which I don't want users of my computer to have access to.

Without this password protect functionality, I turn to word processing programs available on my iphone.  

Am I right, evernote notes can't be password protected?



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You can password protect notes (actually, parts of notes, but you can select all of the content) and the iPhone app can decrypt for display, but I don't see the mobile app letting me add encrypted content. That would be a good answer if the iPhone app could create encrypted content. If it can, I don't see it in the UI.

Perhaps you could make a second account and share another notebook from that account to your main account. When you're not at your computer, disconnect the other account/notebook. This isn't really the right solution, though.

What you ought to do is on your shared computer, logon to an auxiliary account which only has access to the notebooks you will let others see. On your iPhone, logon to your real account. When you are at your computer, switch Evernote to logon to your own account. When you leave the shared computer, logout Evernote and logon to the shared account.

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2 hours ago, solak said:

I don't see the mobile app letting me add encrypted content.

Yes, the discussion has come up before.

Also, on the mobile platform you're working in a sync'd folder, which isn't great encryption wise.

My approach has been to do my encryption/decryption outside of Evernote.  I only use Evernote to store the encrypted data.

You might want to look at the app Saferoom.  It's multi platform, seems to work well, and is integrated with Evernote. My criticism  of the product is that I don't like how the encrypted data is presented in Evernote.

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This is such a joke that we can't simply hide or password protect a note.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add this feature and your program will be top rate.  I will be looking for other services to replace evernote in the meantime.  Doesn't have to be major encryption, just a basic password protect option to keep anybody from clicking around any note.  Evernote what is the plan here?!?!?

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