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Hi all,

there is something that bother me using EN that relates with adding images. Whenever I add an image it seems that the note refresh and redirect me to the beginning of the note. It really bothers when you are editing a note with lots of pics.

So there is something to overcome this? or maybe you should consider this in the next update.


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Hi.  What's your OS?  There may be options to allow you to add several pictures at one time,  but the note editor is a very basic one at the moment (Evernote are working on improvements).  You may find it difficult to add pictures in the correct order,  and no matter what else you do,  the note will always refresh to the beginning.  Almost any third-party word processor will handle your content better,  so it's usually easier to create a page layout in (say) Word and then either copy and paste the result into your note,  or attach the Word file to the note and open it from there if you decide to edit further.

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