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Synchronize Automatically times (pro / con)

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Evernote allows a variety of times to automatically synchronize. Are there drawbacks to the shortest amount of time (example: every 5 minutes)? Just curious, especially when I see the options for much, much longer durations. 

>Tools >Options >Sync

Synchronize Automatically

  • every 5 minutes
  • every 10 minutes
  • every 15 minutes
  • every 30 minutes
  • every hour
  • every day
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I'm sure there's overhead and might be a concern if you're approaching limits on your device.
For myself, I chose 5 minutes, and even then I do manual syncs when I'm switching devices.
And I still get the occasional sync conflict :wub: mostly because I think I forgot the manual sync

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I've used from 5 to 15 minutes as the auto sync time and haven't noticed anything.  I noticed when I did a mass update last week that EN would sync for a while and then it stopped and the red exclamation mark on the sync icon appeared.  Don't know if it was because the sync ran too long or it bumped into the next sync time.  Anyway, hit the sync button and it restarted and all was well. 

Net of it all I haven't seen any differences whatever time I've chosen.  I guess the timing has more to do with the frequency of your changes and your comfort level in the lag before they are sent to the mother ship.  YMMV.

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7 hours ago, jbenson2 said:

Are there drawbacks to the shortest amount of time (example: every 5 minutes)?

The only reason I know of to use longer sync intervals is if you have a Free Account, with the low 60MB/month allowance, and you are editing a very long/large size Note.  Every time it syncs Evernote will upload the entire Note, so that could significantly impact your monthly usage.  So you might want to wait  until you have finished editing the large Note before syncing it.  But that ONLY applies to the Free Account.  I have a Premium account and never worry about monthly allowance.

Otherwise, I recommend the shortest interval, 5 min, and also manual sync after major changes, and especially after you are finished with the device at the end of the day/session.

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