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How to remove employee from account

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I have a Premium account and a couple of my employees have access to it. I'm getting ready to let one go and can't figure out how to remove him so he cannot log in. I changed my own password, but he was able to log in today, so he must have his own login and password?

It's been so long since I set up Evernote for my business that I forget -- is he a user on my account? Can he log in because I've shared notes and notebooks with him?

At any rate, I need to remove his access as soon as possible. Thanks.

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Hi.  Premium accounts have only one login,  but if your employee stays logged in from his last use of the old password,  he'll still be able to continue using the account from his own computer.  If he tries to get access from another computer,  or exits Evernote and tries to log in again,  he won't be able to do so.  If he's currently using your computer that should end the problem.  You can force him to log in again if you check out the Applications tab after logging in to this page.  Identify the computer your employee is using and revoke its access to your account to lock him out.

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