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ANSWERED Web clipper on windows versus iPad

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I am using Evernote on a laptop, iPad and iPhone 6. The web clipper on the laptop, used within Chrome or Internet Explorer, can highlight text within a web article before clipping that web article to Evernote. Is it possible to do this on the iPad or iPhone 6?

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Short answer:  No.

There really is not a true web clipper available on the iOS platform.  The best you can do is the "Share" function, which copies the entire web page to Evernote.

If you want to "clip" just a portion of a web page (or anything else), you can select and copy it, then paste it into an email to your Evernote account, or switch to the EN iOS app, create a new Note, and paste.

From the web page, after you copy the selection, tap the share button and select "Mail".  This will open a mail message with a link to the page.  You can then paste the selection below that.

I have created an iOS Contact for my Evernote account to make this easy.

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