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Application to list Evernote URLs created


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I was thinking since the source code is available, then I can't use a community API key since people would see it in the source code which might not be okay for privacy reasons. Therefore, I have used a developer token (not included in source code) which you have to input a developer token and Notebook Store URL for the program to then directly access your evernote.

URLs are printed one on each line as:

NotebookName - NoteTitle - URL

and you can copy and paste it from the software's form into notepad or wherever you want to put it to save it.

It is quite slow - to go through about 80 URLs takes about 5 minutes.

If anyone wants to make any improvements to the source code they are welcome to fork and send a pull request on the github site if you want to.


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Thanks for sharing.

For those Mac users, you can use this AppleScript to quickly get this same list, using the Notes you have selected:

	EN Get List of Notes with Source URL

DATE:   	Thu, Feb 4, 2016

tell application "Evernote"
	set selNotes to selection
	set iNumNotes to count of selNotes
	repeat with oNote in selNotes
		set strTitle to title of oNote
		set strURL to source URL of oNote
		set strNB to name of notebook of oNote
		if ((strURL = "") or (strURL = missing value)) then set strURL to "No URL"
		set strLog to strNB & " | " & strTitle & " | " & strURL
		log strLog
	end repeat
end tell -- Evernote

Typical Results:



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