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Evernote for Windows 10 ... Opportunity?

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I have used Evernote for the past 5+ years and have never been satisfied with the Evernote for Windows desktop application.

Having said that I am a staunch supporter of Evernote as it provides me with a tremendous amount of value.  When using Evernote in the iOS environment or on the Web the performance of the apps, design and functionality are excellent.  Unfortunately, the same can not be said for Evernote for Windows.  

Windows 10 Opportunity for Evernote?

I have read in the press and on the Evernote website about the companies efforts to refocus its efforts on the app business.  The new strategy makes complete sense, and I believe one of the best places to start is in the new Windows 10 environment and specifically the desktop app.

With over 200 million installs of Windows 10 globally there is certainly access a vast universe of users.  Windows 10 phone is still questionable as to whether Microsoft can grow this business.

The current desktop app does not have the same functionality or performance characteristics as the MAC OS X version.  Having had success in the MAC environment, it is a template for improving the Windows experience. 

Microsoft recently announced the iOS bridge to Windows 10 and have a new website for developers. https://dev.windows.com/en-us/bridges/ios

I am not a software developer, but all of the signs are there for Evernote to leverage this opportunity and renew its presence in the market.


Ps, I do not see myself adopting the MAC for my business or personal use.  However, I consider my iPad Air and iPhone 5s as my external brain as they are invaluable in increasing my productivity. 


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Well said.

Evernote - pull your finger out and bring your Windows client up to spec - it is three years out of date by your own standards!

There are more Windows users than anything else.  I started using Evernote because Microsoft could not make OneNote work cross platform.  Guess what - OneNote is overtaking you on the Windows desktop - and catching of not overtaking on Apple.

Time to invest and get your Windows client up to spec or you are going to see people reaching for OneNote migration tools as they wave goodbye.

Oh-yeah - loads of the Windows 10 machines are touch screen - pls make the scroll and stylus features work on the windows client!

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