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I have created saved searches to list notes in each of my notebooks. For example - notebook:"3 Invoiced".... this search will find all notes under the "3 Invoiced" notebook. The searches work on my PC, but when i run any of the searches on my phone all the notes in every notebook are displayed. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?


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I have the same problem. I've created saved searches and they appear in both the Windows and Web clients fine. So I then go the Evernote on Android, press the Menu button, select Saved Search, and select some of my searches and no results appear.

The odd thing is only some of my searches are "correct". Out of my saved searches, only one shows the same/correct results on both Windows and Android. All the others do not seem to have any results on Android, but are correct in Windows.

Even more odd, when I view them on the web client, they don't work either. The web seems to ignore the "notebook" and pulls results from all notebooks, which is useless. If I change the notebook, then go back to the original selection I wanted, the results then work.

Looks like this needs some work.

Ping me if you need help on this. Without having saved searches sync and be correct, the allure of "one notebook, sync everywhere" isn't true.

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