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Expanding the display name on PDFs

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I would like to echo a few previous comments I've seen and hopefully enquire to see  if anything is being done to address this issue.

When viewing an attachment "View as Attachment" Evernote truncates the name so that in most cases it is unreadable without viewing the document. Many of my pdfs have long names and are too large to view 'inline'

Please help! - This seems like it would be a really easy fix.

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Hi.  The workaround here is to embed your files with a long typed title and/ or description in the note,  with the attached file icon below.  Or set up a table with titles and the attachment icon in adjacent cells.  I have no idea how 'easy' it would be to change the number of characters showing for attached files,  but IMHO the purpose of that view is to take up the minimum amount of space with the document,  and allow a consistent layout for notes with multiple attachments.  Having icons for files with anywhere between 10 and 150 character titles would totally mess up some of the notes I've set up,  and leave others looking like a badly designed patchwork quilt. I'm happy with the way things are thanks!

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