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iOS Keyboard consistent with desktop



I notice on my iPad Pro with keyboard I am naturally trying to use the same keyboard commands as on the desktop app, and it's a bit frustration when the muscle memory lets me down.

e.g. A couple of examples:

Bulleted list support

  • asterisk + spacebar => start bulleted list
  • tab => subbullets
  • shift tab => remove subbullets

Title to Body with keystroke: hitting enter or tab in the title will bring me to the body


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We're planning to add additional keyboard shortcuts in upcoming releases including ⇧⌘U to toggle bulleted (unordered) lists and ⇧⌘O to toggle numbered (ordered) lists - these shortcuts match the Mac app. Tab and ⇧Tab will increase and decrease the list levels.

We'll look to add additional shortcuts as well.


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