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My scans completely blurry


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I have an iPhone 6, currently running iOS 9.2.1. I downloaded Scannable this summer, shortly before starting to work remotely, and it was a godsend. I am constantly having to sign things and send them somewhere, and with Scannable I didn't need to buy a separate scanner, and aren't scanners going to be dinosaurs soon?

But then, starting a couple of months ago, I started to have problems where the scans were not clear and readable all the time. I know to make it scan and save as a PDF. I have tried switching between Scannable and the camera within Evernote, and sometimes one would work and the other not, no consistent pattern.

At this point, I cannot get a clear scan at all from either app. Scannable has gotten much worse at recognizing a document, and sometimes pulls in part of the dark background to make a strange shape. 

I do not understand why the degradation in quality of scans would happen in this way, and this is something I rely on for my livelihood (although I know better than to rely exclusively on an app to allow me to do my job).

Am I the only one facing this problem? Is there anything I can do?

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Is a picture taken using the native EN app fuzzy as well? 

Anyway, I just tested Scannable and an EN picture note using an iPhone 5, both images are fine.  May be worth a support ticket.

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Not really.  It has been my experience that bug prioritization is relative to the bug not the subscription.  Acknowledgement time is relative to the subscription.  You can submit the bug report so as EN has the knowledge, just don't expect any/much response from them. 

I just did a quick search and found this site that purports to be the version history of Scannable - http://www.ipa4fun.com/history/14529/.   Looks like the last update was 11/18, don't know if this coincides with when your issue began.

Meanwhile, I am not seeing the same behavior, and I am using the same IOS version.  That doesn't mean EN doesn't have an issue, just not manifesting itself with me.  You might check other camera settings on your phone just to be sure it isn't something specific to your environment.  Or check an Apple forum to see if others are having the same issue.

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I'm having this same issue, it's very frustrating but I've found a temporary work around by tapping the screen to focus again before taking the photo. 

The way it used to work, was you'd get the document or business card ready, center it, click the photo button. Then Evernote would immediately go out of focus, then re-focus and snap the picture. It seems as if Evernote is now snapping the image at the same time as the refocus begins, which is always very blurry.  

If i tap the screen to initiate a refocus manually and snap the picture as soon as it's done, it doesn't seem to trigger the refocus again although the images are never as clear as they used to be. At least this way Evernote is still able to do it's OCR

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I am having a similar problem and as Bannerman points out tapping to refocus helps a little.  Using other scanning software pics and 'scans' are much clearer.  I prefer scannable for simplicity and features, but I need to be able to get clear scans 

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Ditto.  Scannable was working great .. now the blur issue making it useless for capturing pdf.   Loved it.  What happened?  Can't seem to find anything that gives guide on how to fix.  Using iPhone 7plus.

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