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(Archived) Does this exist? (s/w to monitor folder(s) & email evernote)




Does anyone know if there is any Mac software that exists that solves the following (or gets close to it):


  • [*:211646qm] To help automate loading scanned images into Evernote non-premium account for scanners that do not have specific evernote support (e.g. Canon MP830 in my case)
    [*:211646qm] Ability to set folders you wish to monitor
    [*:211646qm] Ability for the monitors folders be ones that are on another computer that you can see in Finder
    [*:211646qm] Program would open if there is a new file that is available in these folders area (e.g. after a scan and the Canon software puts it there)
    [*:211646qm] If additional scans are performed the program would in real time show these additional new scans (i.e. so you may build up a list of several images as your scanning)
    [*:211646qm] Ability to configure program with your evernote account
    [*:211646qm] Ability to then in the program (for each file / row) select whether to upload, and pick the notebook, tags
    [*:211646qm] Press SYNC to load into Evernote

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