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So, i tried to scan business cards...

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I just created a LinkedIn Profile, to be able to scan business cards with evernote.

I'm currently in a state of frustration, because it does not work for me at all. I dont know if i'm doing something wrong, so if thats the case i hope someone can help me.

I scanned 3 cards. So far so good, OCR was "OK". Then i tried to add some more details, but the app has no button (that i could find) to add more fields, like a field for the mobile phone, home address, etc. I could use the fields the OCR already found, but that's it.

So, i tried to edit the contact info in evernote web, because the web interface is more powerful, or so i thought. The Web-App did not let me edit the notes at all, it just said that the notes were created "in a different app" and i cannot edit them.

Can anyone help? In this state, using the feature is kind of infuriating, because i'm running form one "not-possible" to the next.

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Hi, thanks for your reply, but the thread does not offer a real solution, just a workaround with creating anoter note and merging them together.

When i scan business card A it adds the fields "phone", "fax" and "mobile".

When i scan business card B it adds only the field "phone", although the other info's are on the business card. That's OK, OCR is not perfect and some cards are harder to read than other. But then there is no way for me to add aditional fields manually. Not in the app and not in Evernote Web.

Btw. i dont want to add the contacts to my phones contacts or anything....

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