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Manually typed title of the note is overwritten by the first line of the body

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On Evernote for Windows when creating a new note, I've often start with pasting some text to the body and then want to type the title.
However when the title is completed, Evernote overwrites it with the first line, and I have to re-type it again.  
The discussion https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/87135-why-do-titles-get-overwritten-by-their-descriptions/ suggests a workaround to always leave the first line of the description the same as the title.
But it's not convenient and annoying.
Title should be copied from the first line only if the title field is empty.
Could you please fix the bug?
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Does this happen all the time,  or intermittently?  I just set up two new notes and pasted the content,  got a 1st-line title,  waited a little and then replaced the title without any problems.  I do have an odd problem with template notes,  which start out with a generic title,  but when copied into another notebook that title sometimes jumps back after I type a more specific one on the note...  weird.  EN / Win 8.1

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