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(Archived) Evernote 3 Beta Observations

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I received my invitation to b3. Thank you. The product is looking very good. Though I have only had a few hours with it. I have started to take note on what I have observed--and decided to put it in EN so... you'll need to view my comments there. I'm sure the note will grow over time. I'll update the note as comments are returned here. Sorry for any repeated isssues captured here. In addition you'll find a few other notes in my Evernote notebook about how I tag items and a macro I use in outlook.

3b Observations - http://preview.evernote.com/pub/clsturgeon/Evernote#4ae78906-dc1b-4fea-a5d3-ad4bd6a24b9d

Evernote notebook - http://preview.evernote.com/pub/clsturgeon/Evernote

Better tags - http://preview.evernote.com/pub/clsturgeon/Evernote#43b3b4b7-360c-4cfc-a85c-8f6debaa161c

Outlook code snippnet - CopyOutlookLink - http://preview.evernote.com/pub/clsturgeon/Evernote#bbe061ce-8a42-4156-8812-2189bc727fda

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Welcome to the beta and the forum. It's nice that you've got the hang of publishing your notebooks. But if you want any feedback or questions answered, make sure to post here :)

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1. When attempting to rename a tag there was no change applied. This seems to only occur when I changed the text to the exact same characters but I changed the case. Eg. Macros to macros

2. I foresee where I will want to continue to use local notebooks--not published to the web at all. Will this be possible? There are numerous reasons for this...

a. security

b. hyperlinks from notes are only useful on the local machine--to secure data

I see from the forum you are working on this one. Great stuff.

3. Missing tag properties. I like properties for things. Tags need properties--description, etc. Perhaps custom properties would be nice.

4. Missing cross reference panel. Without reviewing every tag, how do I get a list of tags among the selected tag?

5. Cannot follow my thought process to Better Tags http://preview.evernote.com/pub/clsturgeon/Evernote#43b3b4b7-360c-4cfc-a85c-8f6debaa161c

E.g issue: tag structure I want...

Regional-->Europe-->United Kingdom-->England-->Middlesex County-->London

Regional-->North America-->Canada-->Ontario-->Middlesex County-->London

Apparently we can no longer have tags with same name.

6. No Copy Note Link menu item. How do I link notes?

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4. Missing cross reference panel. Without reviewing every tag, how do I get a list of tags among the selected tag?

The tag pane itself now works as intersection. Select the first tag, Ctrl+click to select the second, and you will see intersection between these two. Having a tag (or several tags) selected, watch the counters of other tags, e.g. (1 of 5) as they visualize the intersection (tell how many notes will you get on the tape if you intersect you currently selected tag with that additional one).

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