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Disable auto-formatting in Windows client (this has been done for Mac client)

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The following idea has probably already been submitted more than once, but I can't find the topics so in my annoyance am creating this post.

For Evernote client for Windows, provide the ability to turn off autoformatting of lists, URLs, indeed ANYTHING.

An OFF switch for autoformatting has evidently already been implemented in the Mac client.  The Windows client needs this, too -- and now! (By the by, I have what I believe to be the most current E'note client for Windows, (277494) Public.

IMPORTANT POINT: The Evernote client's autoformatting is so annoying that I have revered to editing notes in a plain-text editor, then pasting the text into an Evernote simply to circumvent unwanted auto-formatting. For example, I do NOT want lists to be indented; I do NOT want URLs to automatically be made clickable. Et cetera...

Cheers & thanks for attending to this as quickly as possible,

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