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ODBC Driver for Local Notebooks?

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Is there an ODBC driver for EN local notebooks? There doesn't appear to be an API for local notebooks, so I was hoping there would be an ODBC driver that would present the local notes as tables and columns.



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Hi.  No.  Your local notebook is part of your main Evernote database,  which is stored in different locations depending on what device you're using. 

On a Windows desktop PC Evernote keeps all its information - synced and unsynced text,  pictures,  audio and web clips - in one EXB file.

EXB files can be read by a SQLlite database viewer (but never  try to read or edit your original database file while Evernote is running.  Always work with a copy!)


Backup your database regularly,  and definitely before installing an update.

DO NOT change the location of your database unless you're sure you know what you're doing.  It is possible to make the change in Evernote > Tools > Options > General but Evernote doesn't recognise some drive combinations and updates may reset the location.  Losing the location - even if only temporarily may cost you your database contents.  Leave the location alone unless absolutely necessary!

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