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REQUEST: Multi Level Notebook Stacks


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I love using Evernote but the one thing that limits my use of it is that a Notebook Stack can only be one level deep. Ideally, I'd like to be able to create a Notebook Stack two levels deep.

If Evernote could do that then it would perfect! 







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Hi.  Requested many times,  but Evernote shows no sign of changing the overall Account > Stacks > Notebooks > Notes setup.  Although you can't layer Notebooks more than one level deep,  you can do that with Tags without any apparent limit;  so it is possible to create virtual hierarchies and notebooks in your tag structure.  (Sadly nested tags won't display as such in some mobile clients.)

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I've just acquired a paid membership of Evernote to see if it's good for my needs: 1) Book writing management and 2) Startup idea management

The first thing I've found missing is this ability to have deeper levels to organize things. It's so natural and there's no way to say that it's done for the sake of simplification, because if the feature was there it would be up to me to use it or not. In fact the absence of this feature makes the product overall less usable for me.

Big miss in the Evernote product, in my opinion.

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I didn't use Evernote for a few years, came back with a hope to structure my Google keep notes but  it took only a few times of using it again to see how inflexible it is, not allowing users to do multiple notebook levels... Hated it a few years ago, hate it now... I guess I'll need to find another solution. Any recommendations? 

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11 minutes ago, gazumped said:

Evernote are heavily promoting 'Spaces' -- it's a new Stack-like Business only option for now,  but they are (they say) bringing it to other products eventually.  That may help expand your options.

The Spaces doesn't solve the issue; we still don't only have a 2 level hierarchy for notebooks.
On top of that, we have a 250 limit for notebooks.

My solution s to use the Tags feature.
Unlimited hierarchy, and 100,000 limit.

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