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(Archived) broken mail address in "author"-field

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hi all,

i remember, i've read about this topic here, but now, over half an hour without finding a single post, i gave up :-)

how can i fix / avoid such false encoded text in the author-field:




obviously, the note came from a mail sended to my en-account.

it does not matter if i send the mail via thunderbird (windows xp) or mail.app (mac snow leopard) or from the iphone. as long as there are characters which are not A-Z, then the display is broken.

let me know, if i can provide more infos on my system or how i do things,


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almost a year has passed and i still see this unlovely broken mailaddresses (at least in the MAC Version 2.0.5 (130391))

with newly created notes from incoming mails.

is there anything the user can do about this? apart from changing the name by hand or don't receive emails via EN which contain german umlauts (or maybe other special characters)

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what could be the problem for this?

i got this problem always, no matter from what mailclient or OS (thunderbird, outlook, mail.app, mac, windows, webmail).

is this a problem on MY SIDE which i can fix?

if, please tell me anybody HOW.

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Have you tried sending from a different email address?

you mean from another mailaccounts, like yahoo mail or googlemail? yes, i did.

i have sent mails from about 5 accounts and i checked the same mails received from other coworkers EN clients.

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