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Word wrap stopped working

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All my notes (5000+) have suddenly lost their word wrap. Content display is too wide for the note window. Windows 7. This is nothing to do with formatting. 'Simplify Formatting' makes no difference. This is not caused by web content, or hyperlinks. I can copy content into a text editor and copy it back into a note -- there is no word wrap. I can type directly into a new note and there is no word wrap.

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3 hours ago, BrightLights said:

All my notes (5000+) have suddenly lost their word wrap

When something very unusual happens on your computer, the first thing to ask, is "what changed?"
The first attempt to recover is a restart of your computer.

What versions of OS and Evernote are you running?

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Thanks, but I'm a bit beyond a restart. I mean that a restart occurred very early in the attempt to find and fix. Nothing whatsoever changed that is under my control.

Having restarted and seen the problem still there, I left it for the day. Overnight, with my machine on the whole time, the problem disappeared. Today, my notes are wrapped as normal.  I have seen this particular behavior once before in Evernote and that time also it just was no longer there when I opened Evernote the next day. I realize there is absolutely no logic to this -- or none that I can see, at least --  but there it is. That's what happened. Twice. 

Not much help to anybody else but, along with 'restart' I'll just add 'wait until tomorrow' to my magic fixes.

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Simplify formatting didn't work for me. However, try selecting all in a note (ctrl-a), cut it (ctrl-x) and then "Paste and Match Style" (ctrl-shift-v). That does work, although you may have to go through and re-establish normal, "bold" & "italics" formatting that were lost.

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