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(Archived) Can't sync or log in over company internet

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My company recently blocked access to Evernote.com. I requested that they allow it and got reply that they did. I can access the site but can't login. Get the following message: Safari can’t open the page “https://www.evernote.com/Login.action” because Safari can’t establish a secure connection to the server “www.evernote.com”. Additionally, when try to sync through Mac desktop software get the following message: "Synchronization failure Evernote is unable to connect with the Evernote Service. This may be due to a network problem or service maintenance. Please try again later. If enabled, automatic synchronization will resume once the Service becomes available." In my system.log this message comes up after trying to sync: "Mar 11 11:38:33 jkiefer-ML Evernote[1322]: NSExceptionHandler has recorded the following exception:\nTTransportException -- Could not make HTTP request\nStack trace: 0x3f719a 0x91ed9e3b 0xb6fb4 0x6da5e 0x38de 0x3b2a 0x15cc89 0x15df2e 0x9359ddfd 0x9359d9a4 0x92653155 0x92653012" I checked my Proxies box and have the settings Configure Proxies: Using a PAC file, and then the PAC File URL: has nothing in it. The "Use Passive FTP Mode (PASV) is checked.

Any suggestions would be great!

Thanks in advance.

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From a Mac, your network configuration must permit you to view both of these URLs using Safari (not Firefox, Chrome, etc.) without any errors or warnings:



If either of those URLs won't open, you'll need to change your networking configuration to get them to load. When you can view both of those, Evernote should usually be able to synchronize.

I don't have a lot of experience configuring PAC files for the Mac, but you might get some tips from:


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